• Mike Monroe

Let's Customize Your Tour! Thank You For Choosing The Valley of Heart's Delight!

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

What date and time frame works for your calendar? How many people will be attending?

Will there be children or pets in the group?

What would you like to do - visit wineries, hiking trails, historic landmarks, shopping, etc.?

Would you like us to provide transportation? Uber, Mini-Van Rental, or Tour Limousine.

Where is a good meeting point - a restaurant or coffee shop or your address?

Do you have a budgetary framework that could include a food service or wine tastings?

Do any members of your group have dietary restrictions?

Please Call or E-Mail Mike at (408)234-6377 or and we can review how to design a relaxing local get-away for your family and friends.


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Experience The Valley of Heart's Delight!  We Specialize In Private Small Group Tours Of Two or Four Participants.  We  Welcome Families. Relax, Learn, & Enjoy! 

Mike Monroe and his Valley of Heart's Delight, Inc. are based in Gilroy. He is an amateur historian and naturalist dedicated to preserving the stories of southern Santa Clara County.  Share Mike's experience of local wineries, museums, parks, working farms and restaurants.  Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this wonderful area.  Relax in a vineyard setting with panoramic views of the gentle oak dotted landscape or explore the majestic redwood forest of Mt. Madonna.  Contact - or (408)234-6377