About Us

In 2012, the Monroe family chose to remember and honor their home landscape by naming their family  business - the Valley of Hearts Delight.  Vestiges still remain of the fertile valley that blossomed each springtime with vast orchards planted in a cornucopia of fruit trees - prunes, apricots, cherries, peaches, grapes, and walnuts.  And ranchlands still crown the hillsides with grazing cattle feasting on the lush grasses made abundant by our Mediterranean climate.

Our desire is to pass on the "sense of place" that we treasure so much.  You will be able to immediately recognize our enthusiasm and passion for our home landscapes. We invite both locals and visitors to explore with us the oak woodlands, redwood canyons and valley farms that we so readily enjoy.  We hope to capture with you the fleeting beauty and casual pace of our backyard and set aside the noise and hurry  of our modern, urban culture. To share the peace and joy of quiet interludes with family and friends is surely the goal of healthy living.

We arrange natural history talks and tours with a number of associate organizations. Most are small businesses or non-profits which we wholeheartedly support - they are our neighbors. 

It's all about sustainability and simplification of lifestyle - to share and keep alive the bounty and beauty of the Valley of Heart's Delight.

Our growing list of friends include:



santaclarawines.com - our local winery and vineyard association

andysorchard.com - a slice of our tree fruit heritage

ljbfarms.com - San Martin farmers market

sccgov.org/sites/parks - our favorites Mt. Madonna and Harvey Bear

penspaceauthority.org - our local land trust

sempervirens.org - dedicated to protecting our redwood forests

californiaoaks.org - a coalition of groups conserving oak habitats



Experience The Valley of Heart's Delight!  We Specialize In Private Small Group Tours Of Two or Four Participants.  We  Welcome Families. Relax, Learn, & Enjoy! 

Mike Monroe and his Valley of Heart's Delight, Inc. are based in Gilroy. He is an amateur historian and naturalist dedicated to preserving the stories of southern Santa Clara County.  Share Mike's experience of local wineries, museums, parks, working farms and restaurants.  Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this wonderful area.  Relax in a vineyard setting with panoramic views of the gentle oak dotted landscape or explore the majestic redwood forest of Mt. Madonna.  Contact - mike.valleyofheartsdelight@gmail.com or (408)234-6377